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Cannabis production in Los Angeles and California is vital. We have worked hard to ensure that everyone has access to our products. Our cannabis delivery service makes it easy to receive your products. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about cannabis delivery from Pelican Delivers. If you don’t want to travel to the dispensary and are looking for a way to order your pelican supplies cannabis online, here’s how to do it!

Ask questions before buying online from dispensaries.

There are many fraudsters and fraudsters. So you need to research all the companies before you buy weed.

Here are some questions to ask yourself while looking for a legitimate cannabis company:

  • Is the product data provided by the company transparent and open?
  • Is the company with proven experience or has it been opened only recently?
  • What can Google search reveal?
  • Does the company make scandalous claims? Do they offer deals that look too good to be true?
  • Is the company respected on social media?
  • Cannabis is still relatively new. You may find something strange or unusual in the cannabis industry, especially if you are buying marijuana for the first time.

You can order your favorite products online:

People want to get their cannabis products as soon as possible. Therefore, if you choose our delivery option, you will receive the same service. Delivery of LA weeds is the easiest way to get your favorite cannabis products. Pelican Delivers is the world’s first and only patented cannabis delivery service.

Do you have problems with decision making? We make it easy to buy the weed products and experiences you want. We only offer products made from local flowers or third parties. You can be sure that your online shopping will include only the best products. Shop on the website and order delivery through:

Flower. The flower is one of our most sought after products for purchase orders.

Vape. You have options:

  • Fresh colored vapes or disposable vapes.
  • Vapes to help you fall asleep.
  • Vapes that help you relax and find your bliss.

Preliminary rollers. We will deliver them to your door, whether you want to receive one pre-roll or a whole package. Try something new! Please review our selection of resins and extracts when ordering for your next order.

Wellness. You can get some TLC with your cannabis products. To help you relax and feel good, we offer body lotions and oils, soft gels and tinctures.

Edible. Our selection of edible cannabis is sure to please you if you are a fan of delivery. You can order and receive online cookies, cakes, drinks, mint and chocolate bars.

The supply of weeds has many advantages:

The supply of weeds is becoming increasingly popular among cannabis users for recreation and treatment. This method of buying grass or another product that is superior to traditional methods has many benefits. Here are a few:


It can be a challenge to make an appointment at a dispensary when you have a busy schedule. It is not practical to leave work earlier to get there before the dispensary closes. In addition, many dispensaries do not have convenient hours that allow you to visit them whenever you want.


Although cannabis has been legalized for more than two years, there is still a stigma surrounding its use. As a result, cannabis users are often reluctant to enter a dispensary and do not feel comfortable.


Weed delivery services are for customer service. They are therefore transparent about their business practices, including where their products come from and how they store them.

You can find all the necessary answers on our frequently asked delivery questions page. Pelican is an online marketplace that connects consumers with their favorite local dispensaries and allows them to place a purchase order. Make sure you choose delivery when ordering online.

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