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Blue cookies get their name from their appearance and taste. The taste is smooth and sweet with hints of orange soil and candy. The smell is wonderful and reminiscent of cookies. Blue cookies are the offspring of hybrid GSC Blueberry and indica Blueberry. There has been controversy and some believe that Blue Cookies is the daughter of F1 Durb or Florida OG.

Blue Cookie contains 26% of the THC level, while its average value is slightly below this number. High can cause a feeling of euphoria, and sometimes even a feeling of exclusion. For the first time, this will soon result in deep relaxation of the body’s muscles. Sometimes it can cause drowsiness. This strain can be dangerous for novice users. Ignoring this strain can cause paranoia and anxiety. Indoors is the best place to grow blue cookies.

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Effects of the blue cookie strain

The Blue Cookie strain starts first in the head, with a rapid and sometimes disorienting tide. The initial noise quickly spreads throughout the body, similar to the fact that smokers experience a change in their perception of their surroundings. The combination of body and head is stimulating, but not striking. Users can adapt the experience to their environment. Blue cookies can be enjoyed on a walk, hike or sofa.

Stimulating the blue cookies of both the brain and both makes it ideal for both exercise and aphrodisiac activities. Blue cookies can also be used to treat psychological and physical illnesses. Patients with attention deficit disorder can benefit from their ability to focus and transparency. It can also be used to relieve anxiety and depression. Blue cookies are an excellent analgesic for nausea, aches and pains. This can help insomnia to go deep, to prepare a wide range of marijuana cakes, from purple animal cookies to cakes and restful sleep if taken in sufficient quantities.

Medical benefits of strain blue cookies

Blue cookies can cause a lot of anxiety the first few times you use them. They can also leave users feeling extremely happy and focused, which can lead to quick thinking. Blue cookies are a great option for those who like the factor of high euphoria. We suggest you use only a small amount of this flower.

The high levels of THC and CBD in the strain mean that it can offer patients with medical marijuana relief from various diseases.

This strain may be effective in the treatment of ADD / ADHD due to its increased focus.

This strain can help with some mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Patients who have suffered from aches, pains and inflammation due to high levels of THC may receive some relief due to the analgesic properties that cannabis has.

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Possible side effects of the blue cookie strain

We have already mentioned that this pimple can cause paranoia and other racing effects if not used properly. As this pimple is known for its power, we recommend beginners to take it slowly. Even experienced smokers should take the time to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Dry mouth, eyes and dizziness are possible side effects.

Concluding thoughts

Blue cookies are a powerful and universal pimple. This is the ideal tension for an experienced smoker who is looking for a solid height. This can be a great starting voltage if used properly.

Blue cookies are fruity, dirty and beautiful to look at; The blue cookies have a delicious taste and are well balanced high. Blue cookies are nice for both new and experienced cannabis users.

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