Editorial: “No” to California’s recall, “Yes” to McGowan’s candidacy for governor




Unlike most candidates in the September 14 withdrawal election, Jacqueline “Jackie” McGowan is campaigning against the withdrawal itself. She backs Gov. Gavin Newsom, a longtime ally of cannabis reform, along with her candidacy. McGowan, a proponent of cannabis policy, sees her candidacy as an “insurance policy and a way forward” for Democrat voters.

And, unlike many Democratic guerrillas who are calling for a principled vote against the withdrawal, leaving the ballot blank blank, McGowan sees the danger of the Republican taking office, which could easily undermine the profits made by the cannabis community. Because the leading Republican contender accused of marital abuse by his ex-wife and others is against cannabis, McGowan sees great danger in ignoring the second vote — and the past.

McGowan received a boost in the polls after a mention by comedian Bill Maher in a recent broadcast. “You can vote for Jacqueline McGowan,” Maher said, “who promises to facilitate a fair cannabis market in the state, but does NOT vote in withdrawal.”

A player in cannabis politics

Many people in the cannabis community are familiar with McGowan because of her persistent battles against local bans on retailers and cannabis growers. While supporting the legalization process in California, McGowan criticized California’s high taxes and regulations, which have allowed the traditional underground market to thrive and provoke a struggle in the legal market.

McGowan, a proponent of cannabis policy, plans her cabinet to prioritize the creation of $ 5 billion in new revenue from the legal cannabis industry. The new dollars will be earmarked for small businesses, affordable childcare and education. While she supports Governor Newsom to keep her cabinet and says she voted against the resignation, McGowan believes the Democratic Party made a serious mistake by going back to the book that lost Gray Davis’s governorship two decades ago.

In this election, as in this one, the party’s position was to vote “no” in the withdrawal and to leave the second ballot, in case of a potential replacement, blank. When Lieutenant Jim Bustamante’s governor applied to give the Democrats a candidate, the party not only turned its back on him but campaigned against him. As a result, the state’s top staff fell to the GOP for eight years under celebrity candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger. It turns out that Schwarzenegger is not so bad, but McGowan believes that Trump-supporting candidates for the party in this year’s vote are a much bigger threat.

Not one candidate: housing, climate change, women’s rights, public health

McGowan is the only major Democratic candidate who does not support the withdrawal. “I have not signed the withdrawal petition and I call on voters to vote ‘NO’ to the withdrawal. But if voters remember the governor, I am the Democrat who will give priority to supporting affordable housing, building green infrastructure, protecting women’s suffrage and following the CDC COVID-19 guidelines.

Leading opposition candidate, Trump-backed talk show host Larry Elder “makes a living by making provocative comments,” McGowan said. “The war he is waging against women has gone too far. From mocking premenstrual syndrome (PMS), a medically recognized disorder called Punish My Husband, to the popularization of a 1950 textbook. How to be a good wife on his website, Elder is the boy-poster for misogyny.

TheLeafOnline.com will continue to cover Ms. McGowan’s candidacy, which is moving towards

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