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After nearly three years of imposing home weed delivery services, cannabis users in British Columbia have finally fulfilled their wish. The Provincial Government of British Columbia has announced that private cannabis dispensaries may start offering weed delivery services on the same day from 15th July 2021

Almost a month since gained legitimacy on the same day, Vancouvers have been crushed rather than happy. Most cannabis users in the city are used to ordering marijuana in the mail, which takes it forever or turns to unreliable illegal traders in the market.

The same day weed delivery services are not only authentic; they take convenience to a whole new level for Vancouver residents. Here’s how to find reliable delivery agents and deliver quality grass to your address.

1. Find legitimate cannabis delivery service providers on the same day

While same-day weed delivery services are legal in Vancouver, not all service providers are legal. In addition, some weed detection sites and applications do not properly inspect dispensaries on their lists, allowing illegal service providers to pretend legitimacy. The BC government has raised concerns about illegal services to supply weeds selling products with fake packaging labels and chemical contaminants.

It is therefore prudent to take responsibility and carry out a proper inspection of each delivery service provider before purchasing their products. The best place to start is on the website of the Alcohol and Cannabis Regulation Branch in British Columbia (LCRB). The government body has a comprehensive and up-to-date online directory and map of licensed weed dispensaries in British Columbia.

Then browse reputable and reputable online cannabis resources for legitimate trusted cannabis dispensaries near you. Such reputable resources usually publish whether each dispensary in their directory offers same-day delivery and their opening hours. They also present independent reviews of the most customer-oriented weed dispensaries and same-day delivery services.

You can also read other user reviews on independent review sites that allow users to evaluate the provision of services by local dispensaries. The engagement of social media on the pages of weed dispensaries is also a treasure trove of the consumer experience of other buyers.

2. Check the quality of the product

Weed delivery on the same day is only worthwhile if you have the best buds delivered to your doorstep. Unfortunately, unlike brick and mortar stores, where you can use your senses to explore grass, online shopping comes down to the integrity of dispensaries.

Unfortunately, although a legal license guarantees you safe products, it cannot always guarantee a fragrant and tasty weed. Factors such as inventory practices, storage protocols and logistics can affect the quality of weeds.

Here are some factors to keep in mind to make sure you get quality grass:

  • Refer to reputable review sites to find the best legal cannabis dispensaries that also sell high quality weeds.
  • Always stick to well-known brands whose product profiles you understand.
  • Choose same-day weed delivery services that include product labels and third-party lab results in your product description.
  • Check the ratings of other buyers and product quality reviews are also invaluable in this case.

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3. Select agents with broad product options

The only thing more convenient than the same day’s delivery is the one-stop shop. Same-day weed delivery services, which feature an impressive catalog of high-quality products from popular brands, make shopping incredibly convenient. In addition, they save you the time and energy you would spend by properly checking additional cannabis delivery service providers.

The best weed delivery services are offered by hundreds of popular cannabis varieties from Canada and BC. They also offer a wide selection of edible cannabis buds, vapes and oils, concentrates, CBD and even magic mushrooms. One-stop shopping allows you to get discounts on mass purchases and spend less on shipping fees.

4. Shop for unbeatable prices and discounts

While supply and demand affect legal cannabis prices, individual weed dispensaries set their retail prices. Therefore, prices vary from supplier to supplier, so you can use price points to remove some potential weed delivery service providers on the same day from your list. Take advantage of legal service providers that offer unbeatable prices.

Reviewing the prices of hundreds of products can take a lot of time and energy. Therefore, to simplify the process, use price tracking apps and websites to find the best price deals.

In addition to pocket prices, you can also make the most of your weed budget by cashing in discount deals. Popular weed delivery services offer offers such as a welcome bonus, total order discounts, free gifts and unique weekly bonuses.

However, when estimating prices, keep in mind that some delivery services set a minimum value for orders. Second, also keep in mind that shipping fees are part of the price.

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5. Establish delivery service zones and schedules

Note that weed delivery services have specific service areas where they offer same-day delivery. Therefore, confirm that your area code is part of their service area so that you receive the same day delivery and not the mail delivery of marijuana.

Remember that 24-hour delivery services are not currently available due to the limitations of COVID-19. Therefore, determine the working hours of the individual dispensaries so that you can place your order at the most appropriate time to receive delivery on the same day and not the next day.

6. Place your order

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Carrying out your order is the fun part where you throw grass in your cart; when finished, continue with the check. Follow the prompts to create an account and choose your ideal form of payment to complete the payment.

Trusted delivery service providers usually send you text 30 minutes before the delivery date or issue a GPS tracking code after you complete your payment. Alternatively, you can also place your order by phone.


Same-day weed delivery is now the norm in Vancouver. Therefore, follow the above tips to get high quality weeds delivered to your doorstep immediately.

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