Pre-steep versus post-steep e-juices: Which is better?




Soaking is a basic process for consumers who experience an enriched and improved taste. Consumers who enjoy soaked juices usually find it difficult to return to pre-prepared juices. They believe that this is a completely different experience, and the complex aroma is not present in the pre-prepared juices. Many believe that saturated electronic juice opens the flavors, leading to a denser taste.

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Soaking is a method of aging electronic liquids. Allows oxidation to lead to the best possible taste. It also provides an intense nicotine kick and most vapers prefer it. This aging process of electronic liquids requires them to be kept in a controlled environment. Once this is done, it is possible for oxygen to enter the mixture or formula, changing it at the microscopic molecular level. This change binds the compounds in the e-liquid in a preferred and aromatic manner. Most companies offer a subscription vape box, where you can choose your pre-prepared juices accordingly!

Soaking an electronic liquid is quite similar to maturing a cigar or wine. This process is the reason most vapers never look back after trying a saturated electronic liquid!

Ways to soak electronic liquid

There are two common ways to soak or age electronic liquids. They are pre- and after soaking. Although the terms sound by themselves, there is more to their user, impact and process than it seems. Let’s delve into what the two mean and how they are different!


Pre-made juices are already soaked before you buy them. This means that the aging process is taken care of until you get it, saving you time to wait until you indulge in e-juice.

Why pre-soaking?

Wondering what you gain from pre-soaking? The first obvious advantage is that buying pre-made e-juice allows you to extract them immediately. Otherwise, you will have to take the time and effort to invest in the soaking process. Because soaking takes place in a controlled environment, you will need to make sure you know the process and requirements to perform them for the procedure. Only when done correctly can the juice be enjoyed to the fullest. The process usually takes up to two weeks. In contrast, pre-purchased purchases are far more convenient and save time. If you are not someone who has patience, it is advisable to choose pre-made juices.

The process of soaking is not only long but also tedious. You need to make sure that the juice has maximum flavor. Compared to beginner soaking attempts, companies and manufacturers have considerable experience in the process. They may be aware of various methods and techniques to bring out the best taste to ensure a good nicotine intake.

Why do some people not like the steep vape in advance?

Most people do not prefer pre-made vape juice as it is a leap of faith! It cannot be guaranteed that the vape manufacturer or manufacturer has gone through the liquid irrigation process or not. Someone can buy a frustrating plain juice in the name of e-liquid. Due to this lack of confidence, some people prefer to choose juice after preparation or do it yourself. But in cases where you do not have enough time to carry out the soaking process on their own, it is ideal to choose pre-prepared juices.

If the company has not dipped it properly, the aroma and content may be weak and ruined. A particularly experienced vaper who has tried soaked liquids can easily distinguish flavors. About seventy percent of the time, most consumers could distinguish soaked juices from unsaturated ones.

Even when buying pre-made juices, one must ensure the proper storage of the bottles. Many items that expire and are in stock for a long time end up with a weaker taste and less powerful nicotine.

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After soaking

Immersion is electronic juices that are immersed by the consumer. The manufacturer does not do this and in this case sells ordinary electronic liquid. There are many ways and techniques to place steep electronic juices. Of which their storage in cool and dark places is the most common among them all.

Why after soaking?

By filling the liquid itself, consumers have complete control over the outcome of the process. They can try many different methods of soaking and bring out the best for themselves. This choice also gives them control over how the liquid is irrigated, how long and what result they prefer. With this personal touch, they can also have confidence that the process is done compared to a manufacturer they find difficult to rely on for their purchase.

Why do some people not like post-soaking?

Just like pre-soaking, post-soaking may not meet everyone’s needs. This difference is because we have different requirements, expectations and opportunities. They affect which option we choose between the two. First of all, since pre-soaking can be time consuming and effortless, post-soaking can be a significant disadvantage in terms of time, effort and storage. Not everyone has the patience or storage space needed to soak many packs of vape juices before they evaporate. Therefore, many people who cannot afford to initiate and maintain the process often go for pre-made vape juices so that they can evaporate them immediately! This option only saves them a laborious process that they cannot afford to perform.

With post-streaming, the place for experiments is also a leap for risk-taking! If this is not done properly or in the recommended way, it is likely that the person has dipped the juices badly. This difference changes the taste and effects of nicotine and can ruin the experience. Poorly saturated electronic liquids can potentially spill, putting a strain on time, money and effort. By comparison, for e-liquidity companies, this is a business. Most people may choose to leave this to the experts instead of taking on such responsibilities.


Based on the above differences and comparisons, you can form an opinion on which option will suit your needs. It depends on factors such as time, patience, trust, effort and storage. None of the methods is better than the other, as it comes down to your requirements and preferences. And who says you can’t try both and choose what you like better?

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