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Hemp cultivation has been legal in Australia since 2016. Hemp seed was then allowed as a cereal for human consumption as food in 2017. Meanwhile, marijuana use remains illegal.

The country’s main legalization group is now launching a new phase in its campaign for greater cannabis freedom. To update its approach, Membership of the Marijuana Ban Party (HEMP) will consider a formal proposal to change its name to “Legalize Cannabis” (using the British spelling of the word) at its general meeting on 11 September.

“We want to be aware of what this is about and call it as there is no chance of confusion,” said Michael Balderstone, chairman of the HEMP party. “Hemp is now legal in Australia and over 70 percent of our members support the name change in both surveys we did.

The strategy is to expand in each country

“Another reason for the change is to unite the cannabis community in our vast, brown land, where we try to register Legalize Cannabis Pages in every Australian state,” Balderstone continued. “We are inspired by the election of two members of Parliament to the Legalize Cannabis WA in Western Australia, the registration of the Legalize Cannabis Qld Party and the good results they have achieved.”

nimbin australian hemp embassy showcase showcase mystery
HEMP party headquarters, in Nimbin, Australia.

“Along with the new name comes a new determination to see an end to the ban. We will strive to elect candidates to the Senate, and we will also nominate candidates for some of the lower houses for the first time. To achieve this, we need funding and volunteers to help with the campaign. We need our local supporters to get involved and donate whatever time and money they can afford to help raise the funds needed to pay the AEC nomination fees for our candidates.

“With the growing awareness of cannabis as a drug, the reaction of many patients to the discriminatory nature of medical cannabis policy and the ridiculous roadside drug testing for the presence of THC alone, we believe we can attract more than 4% of primary votes – especially when include the voices of those involved in recreational therapy. “

Looking at the last ban on wine model

“Marijuana is a word coined by banners in America in the 1930s to deceive farmers who don’t realize that banning marijuana has also criminalized the industrial cultivation of hemp. Thousands of crops from hemp farmers were banned overnight when the law was introduced. Recognized interests criminalized cannabis then, just as they maintain its illegality now. ”

“How about we have the same rules as alcohol, where adults can make their own, but you need a license to sell?”

“The brutality of the RDT and the police, who are making every move to change the law – as we have just seen in Victoria – have fueled the new energy in the movement. There is an impetus to unite our legislative reform movement across the country. Anyone registered to vote can help by joining their state party at, ā€¯Balderstone, president of the Australian HEMP party, told the HEMP embassy in Nimbin.

The HEMP party is headquartered at 51 Cullen Street, Nimbin NSW 2480. They can be accessed by calling: (02) 66 890326 Mobile 0472760236, or online at, and

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