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Pangea Health has made a significant commitment to help train social justice applicants seeking licenses. He fulfilled this commitment in August 2021 in the state of New Jersey.

The Cognitive Harmony Technology Accelerator (CHT Accelerator) received a $ 100,000 grant from Pangea Health and Wellness, LLC (Pangea Health) for full scholarships to include five applicants for a social justice cannabis license. CHT Accelerator is a joint venture of a team of cannabis business veterans who are software engineers and Harvest 360 Technologies LLC.

One scholarship will be awarded to each of the following organizations:, New Jersey Cannabis Insider, and the New Jersey Veterans Chamber of Commerce. These organizations will select the specific candidates for social justice for the scholarships. To apply for the Scholarship, click here. Others will be announced in the coming days.

Helping share candidates win licenses

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Accelerator provides templates, training guides, and high-intensity training sessions developed by cannabis industry professionals to quickly educate cannabis license applicants for social justice about the intricacies of the cannabis license application process and business operations. The aim is to enable applicants to win the best results from applications and state licenses for cannabis.

“Thank you, Pangea Health and Wellness, for your generous $ 100,000 contribution to help cannabis license applicants from the communities most affected by the ‘war on drugs,'” said David Serrano, managing partner of CHT. . “CHT Accelerator was designed by successful license applicants to level the playing field with cannabis for social justice applicants while applying for licenses and running their business. This generous donation can help accelerate applicants’ acquisition of industrial knowledge and improve their chances of entering – and succeeding – in the cannabis industry in New Jersey.

“The process of applying for a cannabis license can be overwhelming, especially for applicants who may have more limited resources than their established competitors,” said Larry Frasella, chief operating officer of Pangea Health. “As an applicant for a cannabis license in New Jersey, this donation to CHT Accelerator is a continuation of our commitment to further apply for a cannabis license to provide free training resources to minorities, women, and disabled cannabis license applicants The New Jersey Cannabis Market is required by the New Jersey Market Regulation, Enforcement and Modernization Act. ”

Current templates, manuals and instructions

Frasella added: “In addition, we reaffirm Pangaea’s commitment to set aside 20,000 square feet of space as an incubator and training center for Cannabusiness to provide free support for the social investment and microbusiness business, as well as low-interest loans, a program for speeding up the dispensary, employment opportunities and others that will only be possible if we are granted the licenses that are being reviewed by the Cannabis Regulatory Commission in NJ by order of the Court. ”

The CHT Accelerator application platform provides up-to-date application templates, manuals and instructions tailored to each country’s current application, to learn how to meet the criteria for applying for a country’s license and to streamline the compilation and presentation of information in a convincing format, designed to maximize the candidate’s assessment. CHT Accelerator has also developed and tested a beta version in Illinois of a fair and impartial application evaluation mechanism that is adaptable to each country’s applications.

As CHT users become licensed business operators, the CHT Cannabis business operating system (CBOS) provides guidance to ensure that each function of day-to-day operations is maintained in accordance with the initial applications submitted, as well as the rapidly evolving multi-jurisdictional landscape compliance.

Are you interested in supporting applicants for social justice and want to contribute to additional scholarships or learn more about the accelerator? Please visit or email

Harvest 360 Technologies is a cannabis consulting company specializing in the intersection of research and development and technological applications in the cannabis space. It has become CEO Todd Skatini’s mission to find a way to alleviate people suffering from acute and chronic medical cannabis diseases. Harvest 360 Tech is built on this foundation and a commitment to direct business to the most productive, efficient and compatible positions by licensing patented innovations and providing technology solutions, including deployment management. Harvest 360 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. For more information, visit

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