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The connection between organic products and humans goes back. The ancients relied on organic products for their daily needs, ranging from food, medicine and more. Famous civilizations such as the Maya and the Harappans formed around large rivers and their existence revolved around the efficient use of water. The river was a source of drinking water, as well as the cultivation of crops that were a source of food. Food crops were one of the greatest sources of energy in ancient times. The abundance of handicrafts made it essential to protect a stable food source from crops. The source of food and medicine were both biological in their characteristics.

The Middle Ages are one of the best for organic products and edible. Mankind has also begun experimenting with food and medical products. Essential food options in ancient times had an exponential boom. The experiments were well received, which led to the growth of a huge food market. The same was the case with alternatives in medicine. The discovery of modern science has given rise to more effective drugs against common diseases in humans. Mortality shows a declining trend, which is only possible thanks to medical science.

The modern era is a better version of the Middle Ages. There are many options on the food market and they form a large part of the daily grocery shopping. The same goes for the medical field. Modern biotechnology facilitates the mass production of several drugs. Mortality is lower than ever because drugs are effective. Everything has a price and the same goes for chemical-based products, as they have side effects.

This phenomenon has led many to turn to the organic version of the products. Marijuana is one of the most famous members of the family of organic products. It has applications in leisure activities and at the same time has healing benefits.


The links between marijuana and humans go back. The ancients used it to challenge the mind, and the medieval people used marijuana for medicinal purposes. The product is always a source of controversy and attraction for many. In ancient times, marijuana was traded through animals. During the Middle Ages, marijuana was the subject of a large-scale plantation, making it a center for the slave trade. Modern times make the product widely available around the world.

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Statista’s study shows that marijuana-based products in 2020 alone generated sales of more than $ 18,932 million. The numbers are growing exponentially, making it the most famous organic product in the world. Americans love their marijuana so much that most of them have their own production areas. Growing marijuana requires less maintenance, which makes it easier to grow. The dominant extract in marijuana is hemp, which comes from a famous plant that comes from the cannabis family. Other ingredients include THC and other binders.

The popularity of marijuana makes many applications like Jolly Rancher Edibles in our daily foods. The top 5 homemade marijuana dishes are


Butter is a fairly commonly used food product in American homes. Statista’s research shows that sales were worth more than $ 2 billion in the United States. The blend of oil and marijuana combines the best versions of two different areas. It is essential to heat the marijuana before mixing it with oil. Heating provides decarboxylation and reduces harmful substances that can react with the oil oil. Then continue and mix the two ingredients in a heated pan with water. The lid of the pan is mandatory, guaranteeing three or four hours of cooking time. Put the heated liquid and put it in the refrigerator to freeze. Studies show that marijuana oil can relieve and reduce the symptoms of serious illnesses such as cancer.

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Marijuana oil is a perfect product for different layers of consumers. It is easy to consume and is the best choice for the elderly. Raw marijuana must be decarboxylated, which is only possible by preheating. Heating marijuana to a fixed temperature before producing CBD oil cleans it. It ensures that the final product is not harmful. Mix the decarboxylated marijuana with water and binders in a heated pan. The binders can be coconut oil, which holds all the ingredients together. After a few hours, place the mixture outside to cool. Studies show that marijuana oil can reduce anxiety and muscle aches in the user.


Who doesn’t like pastries, either before or after dinner? Hell, many people even like to eat it at breakfast, and after all, chocolates are hard for many to resist unless you have allergies. Marijuana and sweets are a coincidence made in heaven. Prepare the pastry dough as usual. In another pan, heat the marijuana to remove the harmful substances inside. Keep in mind the quality, as cannabis flowers can expire quite soon. After decarboxylation, mix the marijuana with the pastry dough and let them cool as usual.


Tea is part of our daily lives, especially organic. The demand is quite high and especially for the tea leaves coming directly from the plantation. This is a drink that is convenient for breakfast, office and some even take it after dinner. Many consider this the perfect break in their busy schedule. Mixing decarboxylated marijuana from heat removes enzymes that can react with tea leaves. The tea serves as a proper mix with hot marijuana. Marijuana tea can reduce your daily stress and provide the user with a proper sleep cycle.


Candy is very popular among adults and young Americans. Some senior citizens also take their daily intake of sweets in the form of small candies. Make a mixture of your favorite candies and heat the marijuana extract at the same time. After the decarboxylation process, mix it with the candy mixture. Then allow the mixture to cool and then freeze in the refrigerator. Marijuana candies are easy to eat and sweet.


Using marijuana in the daily products we consume can be effective. Experts recommend an appointment with your doctor before starting a dose of marijuana is mandatory. A well-planned daily intake ensures that there are no short-term / long-term side effects from marijuana use as fit for consumption. Making your marijuana edible at home reduces the risk of counterfeiting and unfair practices by several suppliers in the country.

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